Villa Oustal lives in total harmony with its environment, a few minutes on foot or by bike from the Center of Carpentras via Via Venaissia .

Depending on the season , squirrels, blackbirds, magpies, crested hops, jays, sparrows, cicadas, owls, owls, woodpeckers, wild boars, frogs, snails, insects rub shoulders in peace in the park or the Orchard.

Birdhouses are installed in the Park.

In the Orchard :Fig, Plum, Pear, Apple, Olive, Almond, Pomegranate, Medlar trees where you can pick your fruit.
We offer you our aromatic herbs for your culinary preparations: Thyme, Rosemary, Basil, Sage, Dill, Mint, Tarragon, Chives.
Nature is preserved. We don't use pesticides. We use pheromones to keep mosquitoes away.
We use Bordeaux porridge for the maintenance of our shrubs, the grinding is used to keep the humidity of our plantations and the compost is composed of the collection of leaves and the mowing.

Water comes from 3 sources:
Carpentras Canal (association - raw water withdrawal in Durance) : for watering the garden.
To combine business with pleasure, walks along the Carpentras Canal are very pleasant for exploring the interior of our countryside.
Drilling water (40 meters): for the House. Installation of a catalysis system to leave the limestone in suspension.
Eau de Ville: If one day we encounter a problem ...... but we do not wish !!


Traditional lamps, which consume a lot of energy, are gradually being replaced by LED lamps inside.
In the park, the lighting is entirely in LED lamps with timer.

A linen with the scents of Provence !! The hanging is natural both outside and inside.

For your comfort, our rooms are air conditioned, we will remind you of good usage practices on your arrival. Nothing better than the tips of our ancestors: close the shutters !!

To heat you in winter, several options: the fireplace (wood is provided and comes from the felling of our unfortunately dead trees), reversible air conditioning or heating with Fuel.

Under the Carport a socket is dedicated to recharging electric cars.


The sanitary facilities benefit from a septic tank by spreading without treatment.
The linen is cleaned by an organic laundry.
The waste is sorted. We will show you how.


The security of the house is ensured by the closing of the shutters and an alarm system.
The swimming pool is secured by a roller shutter.


Villa OUSTAL is located in a very quiet area where nature is omnipresent.


At La Villa Oustal , we love nature, sport, art, culture and gastronomy.
We will inform you about our local players (producers, winegrowers, markets, etc.),
the most beautiful hikes, the must-see visits of the local natural and cultural heritage
(villages, festivals, etc.), the practice of nature sports nearby (cycling, climbing, canoeing, tree climbing, horse riding, etc.), our restaurants, our passionate small traders, our wine merchants.
We will advise you according to your desires.
Anxious to stay in harmony with our nature, we are always moving towards more environmental responsibility at Villa Oustal.