Dear visitors,

We welcome you to our home. It is a family home to which we are very attached, we entrust it to you.
We kindly ask you to respect the following:

Maximum number of people:
Please note that the house can only be occupied by the maximum number of 10 peopleThis maximum number includes children and babies. The owner is not obliged to accept additional people. If out of kindness, he accepts them anyway, he is entitled to collect a supplement depending on the number of people and the additional costs.

Bail :
Please give the indicated deposit when you hand over the keys.
The deposit will be returned to you 72 hours after your departure, provided that all additional costs have been paid and that the house has been returned to the owner / reception agent in perfect condition

Additional costs :
Thank you for paying the owner / reception agent when handing over the fixed additional costs: Tourist Tax and Pool Heating.

A contradictory inventory will be made at the entry and exit of tenants.
Please note that the blankets and draw sheets are exclusively part of the bedding of the house and must in no case be used as beach equipment, sunbathing, or even mattresses for pets. The draw sheets do not replace the sheets. The beds should not be used without sheets or with a sleeping bag. Garden furniture must remain on the ground.

Damage :
If you have caused damage, please report it immediately to the owner / receptionist. Damages are usually settled quickly in cash. In the event of more serious damage, you must inform your own Villégiature insurance so that it can process your file when you return from vacation.

Basic cleaning:
We offered you clean accommodation upon arrival. This accommodation being re-let on the day of your departure, we would be grateful if you would facilitate our task.
Please note that basic cleaning is to be done in all cases by the tenant, even if the final cleaning is carried out by the lessor. Basic cleaning includes: washing and storing dishes completely, cleaning the kitchen, barbecue, oven, removing sheets, covers and pillowcases from beds, cleaning the broom in all rooms, storing the furniture garden, get rid of leftover food and throw trash in the designated place.

Animals :
Animals must not enter the rooms, climb on the sofas and armchairs, or go into the pool. Please collect the excrement from the garden.

Departure :
The day of departure the house must be vacated no later than 9:30 a.m.
The owner will come at 9 am to start working outside or
in the available rooms.
Please arrange early enough, at least two days before the exact time of your departure with your reception agent / owner.

Please respect these house operating rules

The automatic gate :
The gate opens by remote control. Two remote controls are given to you with 2 keys. In case of loss 100 euros / remote control will be charged because a technician must travel to reprogram a new remote control.

Avoid theft:

When traveling, to avoid theft, we ask you to close windows, shutters and key doors. Do not leave any visible object in a car unattended.

In the kitchen, we thank you for not cutting food directly on the worktop. Do not use a rough sponge to clean the worktop and the cooking plates .Do not place a hot pan directly on the work surface. NO bleach.

Our water is treated for limescale but we kindly ask you to put salt and rinsing liquid if necessary in the dishwasher.
A certain number of ingredients are at your disposal, we thank you for replacing them for the next tenants.

Power outages can occur if you use the oven plus other plugged-in items in the kitchen.

Sanitation facilities :
This house is equipped with a septic tank, we ask you to throw in the WC only toilet paper and not to use bleach.
In the event of problems, we would be obliged to withhold you 800 euros for the intervention of specialists in order to drain the installation over a weekend.

Our house is equipped with a borehole for water supply.Thank you for not wasting it (car washing prohibited in summer in our region).
Our water is consumable but you can at your convenience consume bottled mineral water.

Swimming pool - Technician:
The swimming pool is secured by a roller shutter, children are in any case under your full responsibility .
(see instructions)

A technician taking care of the maintenance of the swimming pool will pass discreetly twice a week (Wednesday / Saturday) or more depending on the weather conditions.
This person is your point of contact for any technical problems relating to the house.
Our contact details: uses whatsapp

Household waste:
The bins are to be placed on the way on Sunday evening and Tuesday evening.
Yellow trash: Papers, Plastics, Aluminum WITHOUT BAGS.
Green bin: Household waste WITH BAGS.
GLASSES: To be dropped off at the Rond Point du Quartier du Lac (solid ground with containers)

Our region suffers from time to time of strong thunderstorms, we ask you in this case to disconnect the modem (telephone and electrical outlet) as well as the plasma (electrical outlet and antenna) and to check the Q21 fuse
(pool room in electrical cabinet located in the laundry room)

Automatic watering works every day except Friday evening (mowing on Saturday) around 11:30 p.m. Be careful to remove your belongings from the lawn!
By cons some plants have no watering: plants on the entrance landing and pots outside on the private terrace of the room on the 1st floor. We thank you in advance for agreeing to water them.

Ping Pong and Baby Foot table.
We ask you not to move the ping pong table so as not to damage the lawn and not to put the foosball outside. Thank you for your understanding.

Fire hazard :
As our region is sunny and therefore dry, we ask you to pay close attention to the fire risk both in the garden and when traveling in the region.
(barbecue prohibited in the wind - cigarette butts not extinct)
Always have a water hose ready for a barbecue.

In the event of non-compliance with the rules: maximum number of inhabitants, unreported animals, dirty house, breakage or unreported problem, the owner will charge for the inconvenience.


Always CLOSE the gas bottle after use.
ALWAYS light the barbecue with the hood open, burner by burner (minimum or medium heating).
Preheat the barbecue with the hood closed for about ten minutes (minimum or average heating).
Cook your food according to its thickness and your tastes. (cover closed or open)
Cleaning after Use
Brush the grates after each use.
If fatty meat cooking, clean the dripping pan with wooden spatula and change the aluminum tray.
End of stay cleaning
Heat the barbecue, burners to the maximumfor 15 minutes. (Pyrolise)
Cold :
Brush the grates, clean the baking pan with wooden spatula, put the waste
in the aluminim tray.

Change the Aluminum tray.
NEVERput the items in the dishwasher
Do not use Ice cubes to clean the plancha (sponge or micro fiber)

Use sponge or micro fiber for stainless steel and paint. NOTHING ABRASIVE.

The emergency numbers are:
Firefighters: 18
Police: 16
Samu: 15

Mobile emergency numbers: 112
Health center of Carpentras 5 minutes by car from the house.


The pool cover is standard child safety.
The shutter also keeps the temperature of the pool.

Activate the shutter when closing as soon as there is no one inside.
The key (O: opening. F: closing) must be maintained throughout the closing or opening.
Do not leave small objects in the pool that could block the shutter.

The water level must be below the beam to activate the shutter. Call the owner if this is not the case.
We remind you, however, as all manufacturers of roller shutters do, that the best security is vigilance and therefore permanent supervision of children by adults.
All the rooms at the bottom of the house have sliding glass French windows, and all are less than 20 m from the swimming pool.
In no case can our responsibility be engaged, should an accident occur .



The house in which you are staying is located in an agricultural area.
There is no mains drainage, but the compulsory use of a septic tank drainage system .
It is therefore recommended to use only toilet paper, any type of sanitary napkin, tampons, handkerchiefs, wipes, hand towels, beingstrictly prohibited.
The risk of blockage of the pipes exists, if these precautions are not observed.
The responsibility would fall to the tenant , who would then be billed for the intervention of a specialized company. The cost of this type of intervention represents a flat rate of 800 euros on weekends and public holidays.


The air conditioning units must be adjusted as follows: The temperature difference between the outside and the inside must not exceed 7 degrees for proper operation.
Doors and windows must be closed.
The remote controls stay in the rooms.


INTERNET: THE WAP KEY IS: bartaka * 84

OWNER TELEPHONE NUMBER: 06 15 78 79 72 uses whatsapp




Report your departure if it is before 9 a.m.

Leave the house in a normal state of cleanliness.

Undo the beds.
Empty the refrigerators.
Empty the dishwasher.
Empty the trash.
Clean the barbecue and the oven.
Return the keyrings.
Report the "breakage" or problem.
If late departure (after agreement): imperatively vacate the house. Luggage in the car. Possibility of staying temporarily in the garden.

00 (33) 6 15 78 79 72 uses whatsapp